Give The Gift Of A Clean & Healthy Home!

Gift Certificates are now available! Give the gift of a clean & healthy home with Quik-Dry Inc. Carpet Cleaning gift certificates! Birthdays, holidays, or just any occasion, it's a great way to show your family & friends that you care. Quik-Dry Inc. Carpet Cleaning gift certificates are available from your carpet cleaning technician, or you can contact us online. Certificates are available in various amounts, & are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Healthy Home Tips For Flu Season

Healthy Home Tips For Flu Season As flu season is once again spreading across the country, this year it seems to be affecting more people than ever! These deadly viruses can spread not only from human contact, but also through the air. That's why it's so important to take steps to protect you and your family, and keep your home clean and healthy. Helpful Tips For A Healthy Home Wash Your Hands Always wash your hands thoroughly after you've been out in public, especially if you've been somewhere that people may be infected. Be careful not to touch your face before washing, & wash thoroughly for at least 30 seconds with hot water. Eat Healthy Meals Eating a healthy balanced diet makes your i

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Benefits Of Carpet Dry Cleaning Most of you have probably heard of steam cleaning and shampoo methods, or even used one of these methods in your own home. But did you know that over wetting carpet & rugs comes with a lot of risks? Here are some problems that you may experience with wet carpet cleaning methods: Unpleasant odors due to long drying times Possibility of bacteria, mold & mildew growth in padding and/or floor underneath, from water saturation Carpet wrinkling from excessive moisture Colors bleeding in rugs Rugs shrinking from excessive moisture Shampoo residue causes carpets to re-soil quickly Inconvenience of staying out of home or office for long periods of time, waiting on car

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