How To Avoid Fall Allergies In Your Home

Indoor allergy season is on the way this fall, & Quik-Dry Inc. is here to help you with some tips on removing fall allergy triggers from your home. Allergies are different, depending on the season, & for some of us it seems like it never ends! The good news is, there are some simple steps we can take to avoid them! Always take off shoes when entering the house Think about it, anything you step on outside will be transferred to the carpet. So leave shoes at the door. Keep windows closed when allergies are high While the cool breeze may feel nice, it's also letting allergens into the home. So make sure windows & doors stay closed. Wash linens regularly Your sheets may seem harmless, but th

How To Maintain Your Carpet Between Cleanings

Manufacturers recommend that your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, even more often if you have pets. But carpets are a big investment, and regular maintenance is also an important factor to keep them looking their best between professional cleanings. Here are some simple tips for maintaining your carpet between professional cleanings: 1- Place mats at doorways to wipe feet on, when entering from outside. Make sure to clean mats regularly. 2- Ask family members to take their shoes off at the door. 3- Vacuum on a regular basis. Weekly for homes, or twice weekly for homes with pets. 4- Bathe pets regularly to reduce shedding and dander on

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