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Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

For over 34 years people in the Upstate have trusted Quik-Dry Inc. for their commercial carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning services!

Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
Commercial Services

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From a small local business, to a large corporate office, Quik-Dry Inc. in Spartanburg has been your provider for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs for over 30 years!  With our dry cleaning process there is minimal moisture required during cleaning, with very little drying time. This amazing process can be used not only on your carpet & rugs, but upholstery as well.  Our safe, deep cleaning process gives you maximum results, along with fast drying times, leaving you with little inconvenience during cleaning, & a healthier work space for you & your co-workers. Quik-Dry Inc also offers convenient after office hours and weekend schedules to fit your needs.


Free estimates and monthly maintenance plans available upon request.

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There's no better feeling than knowing that the carpets in your home are clean & healthy!  With our dry cleaning process there is minimal moisture required during cleaning, with very little drying time. Our safe, deep cleaning process gives you maximum results along with fast drying times, leaving you with little inconvenience during cleaning, & a healthier home for you & your family. Quik-Dry Inc. has been proudly serving the Upstate since 1989!

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Area rugs are a great addition to any room, but they still receive a lot of traffic, & become dirty quickly. Quik-Dry Inc. offers the same great dry cleaning system for rugs, as well as carpet & upholstery. Our process deep cleans your rugs safely without water saturation. There are no worries of shrinking or colors bleeding with our process, & you get the convenience of having them cleaned in your own home!

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Children, pets, or just normal daily use, can really take a toll on your furniture over time.  Even if you don't have noticeable stains, chances are it's still most likely filled with dust, dirt or grime.  Quik-Dry Inc. offers the same great dry cleaning services for upholstery, as well as carpet & oriental rugs, giving you maximum results and fast drying times. We also offer convenient hours & reasonable prices, for all your cleaning needs, whether it be residential or commercial.

Maintenance Plans

Free estimates & monthly maintenance plans are available upon request.  Let us set up a customized plan to fit your needs & keep your carpets looking great year around!  We will make sure you're getting the best price & the best service!

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Convenient Hours

Quik-Dry Inc. offers convenient after office hours & weekend schedules to fit your business needs!  You'll get maximum results with minimum drying times, keeping your business clean, healthy & running on schedule!

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K Crenshaw, Spartanburg

Quik-Dry is by far the best carpet cleaning company around!  They are always so friendly & take pride in their work! Have used them for over 15 years!

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J Lacey, Spartanburg 

"They did an amazing job cleaning our carpets!  Very fast and really detailed!!!  Will be using them again!!  Thank you so much!!!"

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St Lukes Medical, Sptbg

We can't say enough about Quik-Dry and the wonderful job they did for St. Luke's Clinic!  Carpets look great and they really did dry "Quik"!  We highly recommend this business - very professional! 

Other Services We Offer

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Protect your carpet and upholstery with 3M Scotchgard Protection.  3M Scotchgard provides long lasting protection from stains, and keeps your fabric and carpet looking cleaner longer.  Just like a coat of wax on your car, it provides a protective coating on your carpets and upholstery.

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Pet Odor Removal

Pets can be a joy, but they can also cause terrible stains & odors to your carpet, upholstery & rugs.  Sometimes accidents happen, even for some of the best-trained pets!  Quik-Dry Inc. offers some of the best enzyme products available for pet urine stains & odors.  Your carpet will be left free of bacteria, & with a nice fresh scent!

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Stain Removal

If you have children or pets, it's most likely you'll come across some sort of stain on your carpet & furniture.  With some of the best stain removal products available, Quik-Dry Inc. can remove all types of stubborn stains. The anti-resoiling agents in our process also reduce the effects of similar spills in the future.

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