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            Oriental & Area             RUG CLEANING

Proudly Serving Greenville & Spartanburg Since 1989!

For over 30 years people in the Upstate have trusted Quik-Dry Inc. Carpet Cleaning for their commercial carpet, rug & upholstery cleaning services!

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Area rugs are a great addition to any home or business, but they still receive a lot of traffic, & become dirty quickly.  In fact, carpet & rugs in the average home or office are actually a lot dirtier than you might think.  It may appear clean to the naked eye, but carpeting can actually hold all kinds of hidden bacteria & allergens that can be potentially harmful to your health. To prevent bacteria, allergens or just simple dirt from building up, it's important to have your carpet & rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


Quik-Dry Inc. has specialized in oriental & area rug cleaning in Spartanburg & Greenville SC for over 30 years!  Our unique dry cleaning system deep cleans your rugs safely without water saturation.  In fact, we use 75-80% less water than typical steam or shampoo methods!  With minimal moisture required during cleaning, & very little drying time, it's easily the most popular choice for homes & businesses across the Upstate! 

Why Risk Steam Or Shampoo?

With Quik-Dry Inc. you get maximum results with minimum drying times!  So make the safe, convenient choice!

- Carpets dry in 1 hour 

- No sticky residue

- Stays cleaner longer

- Safe for children & pets

Man Vacuuming carpet

Convenient Business Hours

Quik-Dry Inc. offers convenient after office hours and weekend schedules to fit your business needs.  

Free estimates and monthly maintenance plans available upon request.  

Couch with Blinds Behind


Protect your carpet and upholstery with 3M Scotchgard Protection.  3M Scotchgard provides long lasting protection from stains, and keeps your fabric and carpet looking cleaner longer.  Just like a coat of wax on your car, it provides a protective coating on your carpets and upholstery.

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Pet Odor Removal

Pets can be a joy, but they can also cause terrible stains & odors to your carpet, upholstery & rugs.  Sometimes accidents happen, even for some of the best-trained pets!  Quik-Dry Inc. offers some of the best enzyme products available for pet urine stains & odors.  Your carpet will be left free of bacteria, & with a nice fresh scent!

wine spill on carpet

Stain Removal

If you have children or pets, it's most likely you'll come across some sort of stain on your carpet & furniture.  With some of the best stain removal products available, Quik-Dry Inc. can remove all types of stubborn stains. The anti-resoiling agents in our process also reduce the effects of similar spills in the future.

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