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Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Clean carpet in living room

Benefits Of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Most of you have probably heard of steam cleaning and shampoo methods, or even used one of these methods in your own home. But did you know that over wetting carpet & rugs comes with a lot of risks?

man cleaning carpet
carpet cleaning

Here are some problems

that you may experience with wet carpet cleaning methods.

  1. Unpleasant odors due to long drying times

  2. Possibility of bacteria, mold & mildew growth in padding and/or floor underneath, from water saturation

  3. Carpet wrinkling from excessive moisture

  4. Colors bleeding in rugs

  5. Rugs shrinking from excessive moisture

  6. Shampoo residue causes carpets to re-soil quickly

  7. Inconvenience of staying out of home or office for long periods of time, waiting on carpets to dry

  8. Furniture can leave stains when replaced before carpet is dry

  9. Dirty water can accumulate around baseboards and edges

  10. Spots may appear to be gone & reappear later

dog laying on clean carpet

All of these risks are minimized when carpets are cleaned with a dry carpet cleaning process. There is very little moisture required & a minimal drying time. Other methods like steam cleaning or shampooing, can leave your carpet wet for hours, even days. This creates a much greater risk of mold, mildew, or bacteria growth, due to the long drying times, along with many other disadvantages as well.

There's no better feeling than knowing that the carpets in your home are clean & healthy! Dry carpet cleaning is increasingly popular because carpet can be walked on almost immediately after cleaning. This is a big convenience to homeowners as well as businesses, that can't afford to stay off of carpets for extended drying times. Quik-Dry Inc. uses 70-80% less water than typical steam or shampoo methods. Our safe, deep cleaning process gives you maximum results, along with fast drying times, leaving you with little inconvenience during cleaning, & a healthier home for you & your family. There are so many benefits of using carpet dry cleaning in your home.

Quik-Dry Inc. Carpet Cleaning has been serving Greenville, Spartanburg and surrounding areas since 1989! We specialize in dry cleaning carpets and rugs, and have over 30 years of experience! So why risk steam or shampoo? Make the safe, more convenient choice! Contact Quik-Dry Inc. for a free estimate, & "Experience The Difference!" (864)586-5550 or


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