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Carpet Cleaning Tips For The New Year

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Christmas is over, and New Years celebrations are just around the corner. Parties with family and friends, & bringing in the New Year are definitely a blast! But the clean up afterwards can sometimes be overwhelming!

New Years champagne toast

Carpet cleaning tips for the new year can be a big help when the party's over. If someone has an accident, remember to quickly blot up all drink spills on carpet as much as possible, until you can call a professional like Quik-Dry Inc. to clean your carpets. Visit our website for helpful clean up tips. Quik-Dry Inc. has been serving the Upstate since 1989, and we have some of the best stain removal products available to remove stubborn stains. Contact us today for a free estimate! Call (864)586-5550 or email us at

Have a safe & Happy New Year!


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