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How To Maintain Your Carpet Between Cleanings

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

vacuuming carpet

Manufacturers recommend that your carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year, even more often if you have pets. But carpets are a big investment, and regular maintenance is also an important factor to keep them looking their best between professional cleanings.

Here are some simple tips for maintaining your carpet between professional cleanings:


1- Place mats at doorways to wipe feet on, when entering from outside. Make sure to clean mats regularly.

2- Ask family members to take their shoes off at the door.

3- Vacuum on a regular basis. Weekly for homes, or twice weekly for homes with pets.

4- Bathe pets regularly to reduce shedding and dander on carpet.

5- Avoid eating or drinking on carpet.

6- Clean up any spills quickly. The longer you wait, the more likely it will set in.

7- Blot up spills, never scrub. Scrubbing can actually push the stain farther down in the carpet, & damage the fibers.

8- Read directions carefully before using a spot cleaner. Avoid using anything that may discolor, or bleach the carpet.

9- Avoid using a spot cleaner with detergent or soap. This will leave a residue & often make the spot re-appear darker than it was before.


With proper carpet maintenance, you can extend the life of your carpet for many years to come!

If you live in Greenville or Spartanburg SC, contact a professional like Quik-Dry Inc. when you're ready to get your carpets professionally cleaned. We've been proudly serving the Upstate of SC for over 34 years!


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