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How Often Should Carpets Be Professionally Cleaned In Your Home?


How Often Should You Clean The Carpets In Your Home? Think of professional carpet cleaning as preventative maintenance.

Think of your professional carpet cleaning in your home as preventative maintenance. Regular cleanings will extend the life of your carpet, & improve indoor air quality in your home. To get the most life out of your carpet it's best to clean on a regular basis, before it starts showing signs of soiling & traffic patterns. Here are some factors to think about for keeping your carpet looking it's best for the longest amount of time.

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Family Size

Think about how much traffic your carpet gets. Generally speaking, a family of 6 should have the carpet cleaned more often than a family of 4. The more traffic you have on your carpet, the more often it needs to be cleaned. While a larger family, or a family with small children & more spills, may need to clean carpets every 6 months, families with less children may just need a once a year cleaning. On the other hand, homes with just 2 people in the household, will most likely have light traffic, & could go as long as 2 years or more between cleanings.

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Pets & Small Children

We all love our fur babies, but a home with indoor pets should have the carpet professionally cleaned every 6-12 months. This also applies to families of small children, as they usually have a lot more spills, & crawl around & play on the carpet. Animals shed dander & fur on the carpet, which require more frequent cleanings. They may even have an occasional accident, which would require enzyme treatment as well, for odor removal & bacteria left in the carpet.

No matter what your family size is, or your cleaning needs are, contact a professional carpet cleaner like Quik-Dry Inc. Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment for all your cleaning needs. Our estimates are always free! (864)586-5550


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