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What to do when your dog has an accident on the carpet


Coming home to your fur baby is one of the best parts of having a pet! As soon as you open the door, they come running with tails wagging! But sometimes while you're away, your dog may have an accident on the carpet. If you weren't there when it happened, it's best not to punish your pet. They won't understand what they did wrong, & it will only confuse them & make them want to hide next time they have to go potty.

Here are some helpful tips on cleaning up pet stains and removing pet odors, before they could potentially ruin your carpet.

dogs in dog bed

Basic cleaning instructions if your dog has an accident on the carpet

1- Use paper towels to blot up as much urine as possible from the carpet.

2- Avoid using any kind of heat to dry the stain, as it can set the stain in (including steam cleaning).

3- Mix a solution of vinegar & water in a spray bottle (50% vinegar 50% water), & spray on stain. Continue to blot with paper towels.

4- Remember that even though you cleaned up the surface stain, the urine can still soak through & cause damage to the padding & floor underneath. Bacteria can grow & cause sickness & other health problems if it's not taken care of in a timely matter. You should always hire a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible, & make sure they specialize in pet stain & odor removal to properly clean & treat those areas. You should also avoid steam cleaning, as the heat can set the stain & odor in. Excessive drying times could also cause mold, mildew & bacteria growth.

Quik-Dry Inc. has been serving the Greenville - Spartanburg area for over 34 years, & we offer some of the best enzyme products available for pet stains & odors. Your carpet will be left bacteria free & with a nice fresh scent! Contact us today for a free estimate in your home!



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